Build your financial muscles one month at a time.


What would life be like - if you finally made peace with money?

What if money:


✨ Flowed to you regularly and abundantly?

✨ Felt friendly, reliable and easy to understand?

✨ Supported you and your biggest dreams?

✨ Provided for your family without any hassle?

✨ No longer felt like a source of anguish - but instead a source of joy and pride? 

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Perhaps this sounds familiar...


  • You feel lost and downhearted about your financial situation, and struggle to be fully honest about it with your partner, family and friends

  • You're hiding from the pile of credit card statements and bills that keep piling up

  • Every month, you start with such good intentions... but four weeks later, there always turns out to be more month than money

  •  The financial world seems like an impenetrable web of jargon and charlatans ready to take advantage of you 

  • You often lie awake at night, wondering how you're going to make those big ticket items a reality (holidays, family experiences, college education, retirement...)

  • Pay rises or sudden windfalls seem to disappear into thin air, without anything good to show for them 

  • You've got more deposits in your shoe closet than in your bank account

  •   You feel like everyone has this whole 'money thing' figured out - and you're just the big failure in the corner who doesn't get it

After all...

You're an intelligent, ambitious, high-earning woman -

so why can't you get this figured out?!

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you're done feeling small and confused and letting this beat you

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you're so over money being a daily source of tension in your relationships 

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you're sick of being held back from the life you truly want by your money dramas

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You deserve everything you put your mind to and I'm going to help you get there.

Imagine how it would feel to...

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Know exactly where you are financially each month, staying in the black with ease and having more than enough money for the things that bring you joy?
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Feel confident and empowered talking with financial planners, investors... and your family's resident 'financial expert' uncle Bob 
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Sleep peacefully at night, knowing you have taken ownership of your own future and are working towards financial freedom on your own terms
The Abundance Academy

A monthly membership to master your money, grow your net worth and up-level your life in a friendly and supportive community


You'll receive:

 Monthly Money Masterclasses

Tackle one crucial aspect of your money management at a time

In an in-depth, 60min masterclass each month, Pam will help you master a new money skill to add to your toolbox. Topics include:

  • How to set yourself up for money success - physically, digitally & emotionally
  • The mindset that keeps you playing small - & what you need to change to step into a new era of abundance
  • How to talk to family, friends and partners about your money - without getting flustered, frustrated or flummoxed
  • Rewiring your old 'money stories' to let go of beliefs & past experiences that are holding you back... and many more!

Group Coaching Sessions

Bring your questions to the monthly Q&As & receive laser-focused coaching from Pam

During 2 x 60min Group Coaching sessions each month, Pam will be on hand to help you understand anything you're struggling with. You can:

  • Ask questions and receive coaching for your personal situation
  • Connect with your fellow Academy students & reflect on your progress together
  • Clarify your understanding of the masterclass materials & receive guidance on specific areas as needed

Implementation Power Hours

You'll be amazed what you'll get done during the monthly Power Hours slot!

This monthly 120min facilitated co-working session ensures you make space for actually implementing everything you're learning - and make real progress towards your financial empowerment!  You can: 

  • Ask questions and receive guidance from Pam as you complete course materials
  • Harness the energy of collective focus to push through tasks you've been procrastinating on
  • Proactively plan and use Power Hours to complete specific tasks each month and avoid overwhelm

Academy Knowledge Vault

Everything you need to plan, nourish & grow your financial independence

All Academy members have access to the Knowledge Vault - a curated library of helpful resources to streamline your financial life. It includes: 

  • Planners, Worksheets & Reference Guides for the Masterclasses
  • Curated lists of recommended resources to further your knowledge, including books, apps & programs 
  • Templates and swipe files to streamline your processes & make managing your money a cinch!

Private Community

A safe, inclusive & supportive community of like-minded women navigating their own money journeys alongside you.  You'll: 

  • Receive support and encouragement from those tackling the same issues as you
  • Have a safe space to discuss sensitive topics & ask any questions you might have 
  • Find new friends, grow your network & know without doubt that you are no longer alone
Ready to Change Your Life + Finances -
One Month at a Time??
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Monthly Membership

$37 per month

Recurring monthly payments


You're covered by our guarantee.

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I am passionate about my work, and confident that you will love your experience inside the Abundance Academy. 

However, if for any reason you feel the membership if not right for you, we will refund your fees if you inform us in writing of your wish to cancel within 14 days of joining. 

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Hey there, I'm Pam.

I help woman get unstuck around money and create powerful momentum towards the life and goals they truly desire. An MBA and actively training to become a certified Financial Recovery coach, I create and facilitate powerful spaces for my clients. Together, we create clarity and confidence from the chaos!

Good, because there's something I need to tell you.


You are ready. It's time.


Time to claim your independence, your confidence, your power. 


Time to stop thinking things'll magically improve 'one day'.


Time to step into a new mindset, a new era and welcome clarity and abundance into your life. 


Choose your Experience...

Monthly Membership

$37 per month

Recurring monthly payments