Personal Finance Coaching and Education with Pam Richardson

Rarely, if ever do I find that a one size fits all program works for everyone. That is why my work is highly customized to meet your needs & personality. The work I do is from a holistic perspective meaning that I don’t rely solely on money management tools. I take into consideration emotional as well as the practical side of finance. I look at the whole person, your lifestyle, your mindset and motivations along with your thoughts, beliefs and actions around money. 



Single sessions are 1 hour in length, either in person (Nashua, NH) or by Zoom/Skype. This time is used to support the client with their specific financial concern. Supportive materials presented as necessary.

$150.00 per session- 1 person
$250.00 per session- 2 people



Ready to make a commitment to transforming your financial future? The Financial Fresh Start program provides relief to those suffering with financial vagueness, discomfort and overwhelm. This package includes six 1-hour sessions to be completed within 6 months of purchase.

1 Time Payment of $750
or 3 Monthly payments of $250


1 Time Payment of $1,125
or 3 Monthly payments of $375



Couple's Financial Coaching


Combining finances can be one of the most taxing situations for couples. This program will help you understand your money story along with that of your partners. You’ll receive crucial communication skills along with other skills necessary to enhance your financial lives together.

You’ll receive:

  • Yours, Mine & Ours Questionnaire & an interpretation

  • 6 couple sessions, in person or via zoom

  • Additional unlimited access to Pam via Voxer & Email

  • An Accountability Partner

  • A Highly Customized program that is designed to meet your needs

  • Homework after each session



or 3 Monthly payments of $500.00


This package is for you if you’re finally ready to face your finances head on and be accountable for sticking to a plan that will increase your financial awareness, financial security, and confidence. In this package we hold your feet to the fire. Sessions are held every two weeks for three months.

The Financial Compass program uses a three-prong approach to take you from where you are today to where you want to be. We look at the inner workings of money, the practical/tactical side of money and the integration of two.

You’ll receive:

  • Every other week 1-hour coaching sessions either in person (Nashua, NH) or via Zoom/Skype

  • Additional unlimited access to Pam via Voxer & Email

  • Accountability Partner

  • Financial Education

  • Customized to your exact needs & specifications

  • Homework after each session

  • One-year subscription to Money Minder Online



or 3 Monthly payments of $500.00


Once you’ve completed intensive 1:1 coaching and feel you no longer need it but would like continued assistance this is where Coach on Call comes in handy. For the low subscription price of $75.00 per month you’ll receive 30 minutes of coaching support via email, phone, in person or zoom. This is great for talking through major purchases, getting insight into situations or strategizing your finances.

$75.00/monthly rate

12-month commitment



Money Mastery with Pam provides Money Coaching and Financial Education. We do not provide financial advising nor any financial planning services. Persons employing us are strongly encouraged to obtain appropriate professional financial advice before making any investment or financial decision.


Pam Richardson is not a licensed psychologist nor health care professional and her services do not replace the care of licensed psychologists or other healthcare professionals. Money Mastery with Pam provides coaching services which is not a substitute for psychological counseling or any other type of therapy.


Please be aware that changing behavior takes time and while these packages are for specific periods of time more time may be required. Results are not guaranteed as outcomes vary from person to person.