Break the Cycle


with hands-on Money Coaching & Support.


  If you're looking for focused support and individual help with transforming your finances, my one-to-one coaching is the best option for you. 


During our sessions together, we'll work through a structured process to build a solid financial foundation, restore your financial health and plan how to reach your most audacious financial goals. 

My coaching programs deliver powerful results by combining one-to-one intensive sessions with the practical application of the principles you'll learn.

Changing a lifetime's worth of money habits doesn't happen overnight - that's why my Coaching programs provide support over several months. Many of my clients create such good momentum that they continue to work with me over a longer period once their initial program is complete. 

Money Power Hour


Kickstart your road to Financial Success with a laser-focused 60min Session with Pam

  • Get clear on your best next steps¬†to overcome¬†a financial issue

  • Work through a limiting belief or money block¬†

  • Get answers to your most pressing financial questions¬†

  • Have¬†Pam's expert eyes on your finances or reports

  • Or just enjoy an undistracted hour dedicated to stepping into a new level of money mastery!


Financial Coaching

$1,000 per month

A complete Financial Lifestyle Makeover

  • Identify habits, patterns and behaviors around money

  • Challenge and change any limiting and debilitating financial beliefs

  • Develop of a spending plan identifying sources of income and expenses

  • Learn how to make informed purchasing decisions

  • Make money your friend by getting comfortable with numbers

  • Learn the importance of FICO scores and your credit reports

  • Create a debt reduction plan to include mortgage payoff calculations, snowball and avalanche methods of debt reduction

  • Learn financial terminology

  • Understand the importance of creating a financial dream team

  • Gain confidence in your ability to build a comfortable financial future


Together, we will develop a custom plan of action based on your financial goals, meeting three times a month for hands-on consultations and using the last week of the month for implementation. This program creates massive momentum, accountability and transformation!



Working with Pam is like breathing a giant sigh of relief about money!

She removes the shame, guilt and stigma around money issues and gets to the heart of the problem. Pam is masterful at spotting our underlying issues that play out in our money patterns - like overspending, not preparing for the future, or avoiding conversations about money.

Having a trusted coach who is experienced and skilful at both the behavioral and practical aspects of money is essential for true, lasting change. Pam's mission is empowering women through financial independence, and this comes through in working with her every single time.

Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation is in great hands with Pam!


Deb C.


Want to chat before diving in? 

Of course! I'd love to connect. Just schedule a free 30 minute Clarity call to see if one-to-one coaching is right for you: