Searching for a Speaker who can seamlessly blend the practical, mental & emotional sides of money... all whilst inspiring your audience to take action?


A Dynamic, Motivational Financial Speaker



Financial Wellness & Your Mental Health

Did you know 72% of all female workers currently feel extremely stressed about their finances? The link between financial wellness and mental health has never been clearer, and employers should care about how that carries over into the workplace. In this interactive talk (which also works well as a panel discussion!), I'll offer practical tools while sharing my story and inviting your audience to explore their own.   

Great for: Corporations, anyone that hires women, conferences, retreats, colleges, entrepreneurship groups


From Employee To CEO

Business ownership creates freedom, but if you don't keep an eye on your finances it can also lead to financial devastation. In this talk, participants learn the 5 5 keys to developing a rock-solid financial foundation as an entrepreneur. 

Great for: Business groups and anyone who hires lots of contractors (real estate, salons, ride sharing, construction, etc.)


Does This Tattoo Make Me Look Rich?

Everything is not what it seems! In this talk, I'll dispel some popular millionaire myths — using real-life examples and mindset shifts to demonstrate just how possible it is for anyone (yes, even you!) to be a millionaire.

Great for: Schools and colleges, young adults, entrepreneurship groups


The 8 Money Archetypes

In this interactive workshop, participants first take a quiz to determine their money archetype and then are led through exploration of how those archetypes influence how they're making financial decisions.

Great for: Couples and parents, women's organizations, business groups, schools and colleges


Why Work With Me As Your Financial Speaker?

In 2013, I woke up to realize I was the very definition of a hot mess.

I was deep in debt, and I found out I was about to inherit yet another serious amount of dough.

Now mind you, I’d already blown through a few other inheritances including half a million dollars. I’d spent years in a vicious cycle of spending, shame, lying to my husband, children, and friends about my finances several times over again, and was in deep trouble. I knew I couldn’t treat this incoming money with the irreverence I had been. 

I sought the help of a money coach and got onto the right path. It was in working with her that I knew I could be extremely effective as a money coach, myself.

After all, I’d had first-hand experience in all the money habits (and then some): lying, delusion, resistance to change, and saying something just because you knew it was the “right thing” to say.

I can spot these behaviors and tactics in my clients like a metal detector finds quarters on the beach. I’ve done the anonymous programs, trauma work, and I walk the walk.

It was my own personal experience with debt, compulsive spending, and the many repercussions in my own life that brought me to where I am today to serve clients as a Wealth Coach.

Now, I help guide my clients to be more calm and confident with their money. They find peace, clarity, and freedom in their finances.

I'd love to bring those same gifts to your audience at your next event!

"Working with Pam is like breathing a giant sigh of relief about money!

She removes the shame, guilt and stigma around money issues and gets to the heart of the problem.

Pam is masterful at spotting our underlying issues that play out in our money patterns — like overspending, not preparing for the future, or avoiding conversations about money.

Anyone who wants to improve their financial situation is in great hands with Pam!"

Deb C.

Speaker Bio

Pam Richardson knows firsthand that changing a lifetime’s worth of money habits doesn’t happen overnight. As a Money Coach, she works with her clients from personal experience, education, and a toolbox of approaches and modalities to help them rewrite their money stories.  

With a refreshing dose of transparency, Pam guides her clients to find confidence, clarity, and calm with their finances and heal the lifetime of money habits that keep them in a vicious cycle of chronically overspending, sinking in debt, unhappy, ashamed, ruining relationships, and lying to themselves and everyone around them. 

In addition to doing her own healing around money, Pam’s strong educational background, experience as a social worker, and deep dives into high-level coaching programs help her provide a giant sigh of relief to women handling their money. Pam removes the shame, guilt, and stigma and gets to the heart of the problem.

Pam is a native New Englander who was born, raised, and educated in NH. She’s a mom to two grown and flown children, wife to Harvey, and a Gigi to the love of her life - Violet, who she adores beyond words.

Pam loves the Bachelor, reality TV, podcasts, learning, and traveling. Her favorite indulgences include coconut and chocolate (especially when combined).